Thursday, January 8, 2015

Virat Kohli, the aggressive leader India required

Virat Kohli has slowly become a run machine now. Wherever India play in whichever conditions, the 26-year old scores hundreds. Well, you would obviously like to pick that England tour and say that he could not do much there. Yes, he certainly did not, but, that’s the only place where he failed. Barring that, he has just smashed bowlers in every series and one can be sure that when he goes back to England again in future, he would definitely do better.

He is such a quick learner, this young man who is obviously the captain as well now with that sudden MS Dhoni exit and his mindset is so positive. He just does not get himself believing that the opposition is dominating the game, even if that is actually the case. He does not mind sledging and he does not mind listening to the words coming from the opposition either. He takes it all on the chin. He plays cricket his own way. That’s the thing about Virat and that’s his nature. People often criticize him for that and say that such hot temper would take him nowhere, but, that’s how he is as a person.

You can beat Virat’s team. You can get him out cheaply. But, you can never demoralize him. He would always come back all guns blazing. He can never be down and out and that’s why the Indian fans have high hopes with him as captain. He would always get his team playing the positive way. Even if that means a couple of failures, a couple of defeats, he would take it. But, the team would walk on the right path under his leadership. He can become as great a captain as he is as a batsman if he gets good response from his teammates

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