Tuesday, September 11, 2012

England matches in Sri Lanka T20 World Cup 2012

Kevin Pietersen may be out of the T20 World Cup team for England but there are players who can still repeat what they did in the third edition of T20 world cup. Being the defending champions this time they will have some added pressure especially with the conditions under which they will be playing. The equation to winning this world cup is pretty simple. They would have to win each and every match in the group stage and then go on to win the matches in super eight as well. To become the group topper they would have to beat Afghanistan and India and earn 4 crucial points that would help them play the runners of Group B.

Rain has been a spoilt sport in many of the games last time and they would certainly not want that to happen because once the points are divided there are chances for you to not make it to the super eights. The run rate factor will also come into play and practically no one wants the game to be shorter still. With just two games to play in the group stage England would want to win both of them. India has already beaten them in the maiden T20 world cup and England would want to take a revenge on them in this one. If they are at the top of the group after the group matches are over then a team from Group B will be awaiting them in the super eights.

Group A : England vs Afghanistan 6th T20
Group A : England vs India 10th T20
Super Eights, Group 1 : TBC vs TBC 14th T20 (A1 v B2)
Super Eights, Group 2 : TBC vs TBC 16th T20 (B1 v A2)
Super Eights, Group 1 : TBC vs TBC 17th T20 (A1 v D2)
Super Eights, Group 2 : TBC vs TBC 20th T20 (D1 v A2)
Super Eights, Group 1 : TBC vs TBC 22nd T20 (A1 v C1)
Super Eights, Group 2 : TBC vs TBC 24th T20 (A2 v C2)
TBC vs TBC 1st Semi Final T20 (SE Group-1 1 v SE Group-2 2)
TBC vs TBC 2nd Semi Final T20 (SE Group-2 1 v SE Group-1 2)
TBC vs TBC Final T20