Monday, March 24, 2008

Santa vs Banta

There were two friends. One was Santa Singh and the other was Banta Singh. Santa Singh went to Banta Singh's house and found him crying. So he asked.

Santa: Why are you crying Banta.

Banta: I lost 800 dollars. I bet 500 dollars India will beat England but India lost.

Santa: Then where did the rest of the 300 dollars go.

Banta: I bet 300 dollars on the highlights.

Gavaskar vs Border

When Gavaskar finds out that there has been released, a movie, in Australia called "Gavaskar", he is very happy. He plans to watch it and gets a ticket for Australia at once. With great difficulty he manages to get a ticket and very happily he goes to see the movie. But when he comes out of the cinema he is very angry!

He goes straight to the director of the movie and says,
"What do you mean by this? You named your movie 'Gavaskar', but didn't show anything about me in it!"
The director of the movie laughs and says, "So now you understand the problem? You people too made a movie called 'Border', but did you show anything about Allan Border in it?"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cricket Job

The two rival cricketers were talking.

First - 'The local team wants me to play for them very badly.'

Other- 'Well, you're just the man for the job.'

Catch baby Catch

A slip fieldsman had a particularly depressing day during which he dropped no less than ten catches all off the same bowler. After the game he was talking to the bowler when he broke off and looked at his watch. "I must go," he said, "I have a train to catch." The bowler looked at him bitterly. "Let's hope you have better luck with that, then."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

India Vs Pakistan cricket animation with filmi dialouges

No cricketers in Forbes list

Courtesy: Satish Acharya, Midday

Monkey off the shoulder!

Courtesy: Satish Acharya, Midday

Ricky Pointing Says to His Mother (Hindi)

(Taare Zameen Par Version)

*Main kabhi batlaata nahi ,*

*Par HARBHAJJAN se darta hoon main MAA*

*Yun to main, dikhlata nahi,*

*Par ISHANT se ghabrata hoon main MAA*

*Aapko sab hai pata,hai na MAA*

*Aapko sab hai pata, meri MAA*

*FIELD mein yun na chhoro mujhe,*

*EK RUN bhi Bana na paun MAA*

*Kitni Deta hoon Main Galiya milke team ke sang,*

*Par Unhe Mai Jara bhi Dara Na paun MAA,*

Sachin toh Out Hota Nahi,

Achchha hai jo Saurabh Team Me Nahi,

*CRICKET KA BAAP HAI India main Man Gaya MAA,*


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Proposal @ Match

In a calmer moment, Sunil and his wife were sitting at home. Sunil was as usual reading some bowling averages. "Do you remember the day you proposed at the cricket match?" said she, romantically. "You were bold." "No I wasn't," muttered Sunil, "I was caught and bowled!"