Wednesday, January 21, 2015

India needs a change in game plan

The Indian fans would be a little worried to see India go down the way they went against England at Gabbatoire yesterday. It’s perhaps the worst that India has played in a One Day International game in the last two years. A 9-wicket defeat is not something that you want against your name with just weeks to go before the World Cup especially when you are the reigning champion. And, more than the defeat, it’s the body language of the players on the round which sends the message outside how they are feeling as a group and the boy language of the Indian players in Brisbane was negative to say the least. It seems that they just don’t believe that on a quick surface against a good bowling side, they can put on a decent score on the board.

India’s game plan was just so strange. First of all, they won the toss and batted first and that itself was a wrong decision as they should have tried to take advantage of the liveliness of the wicket first up, but, one can understand that. They perhaps wanted to experiment a little bit and see how they go batting first on a fresh wicket. But, if you are batting first and there is something in the surface, it means you have got to grind your way through. You have to look for bad balls. But, the Indian batsmen were just too outrageous. They were playing their shots and that too coming out of the crease against the moving ball. They were lucky that they were not in good enough form to nick a few, otherwise, half the side would have been back in the hut inside the first 10 overs.

There are many more such quick wickets which India will come across over the coming weeks and if they play like this, there might be a few more defeats on the way.

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