Monday, December 22, 2014

Varun Aaron- India’s first genuine speedster

Varun Aaron has bowled with extreme pace in both the test matches on the Australia tour so far, but, the wickets have not come in clusters for him as they should have come. The reason is his lack of consistency with the line. In his attempt to try and bowl as quick as possible, he loses his direction a bit too often and gets tickled away. But, what’s good is that India is looking to stick with him. Such bowlers, who have raw pace, need the confidence of the captain and the coach. They must be encouraged to try and keep bowling with the same speed and it seems Varun is getting that sort of encouragement from the team management.

In the Brisbane test match, Varun was given the field for bodyline bowling. He came around the wicket and bombarded the Aussie batsmen especially the lower order with his 95-miles-an-hour bouncers. He gave away runs bowling that way. Still, MS Dhoni kept him on and that was an acknowledgement of the fact that the Indian captain considers Varun as someone who can terrify the batsmen. He can get the batsmen out by getting them afraid of being hit.

And, Varun himself has also not looked to cut down his pace at any point of time in this series. Even when he has gone for boundaries, he has continued bowling quick which is a sign that he is temperamentally strong enough and he can be turned into a great product for India with a bit of guidance. He should probably be taken to the World Cup too. Yes, he always makes the captain hesitate a little bit to pick him because he can concede plenty on an off day, but, he can win matches too if he is running in well. So, he is a risk that is worth taking.

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