Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IPL betting case at an interesting point

The IPL betting case has reached a point where it’s impossible for anybody to predict the final verdict. The only issue that the two judges seem to have with N Srinivasan is his conflict of interest. The Tamil Nadu based administrator has clearly been told by the bench that if he is willing to be allowed to contest the president’s election, he will have to show the court that he is not on the wrong side by any means in buying an IPL team while being one of the board officials.

The defence lawyer put forward various points in front of the court yesterday. He told the court that Srinivasan had not voluntarily asked for the permission to become an IPL team owner. Actually, Lalit Modi, the current Rajasthan Cricket Association chief, had made him place the bid. Modi, who was the head of the IPL governing council at that point of time, took the help of the then board president Sharad Pawar and got slight amendment made in the board constitution to clear all hurdles for Srinivasan.

The defence lawyer also pointed out that if the conflict of interest issue is taken seriously, a lot of other people would also come into the picture. Several former players, despite being at some post in the board, have commentated in the previous editions of the Indian Premier League.

However, the judges were not completely satisfied by those points and they asked the lawyer to come up with more details in the next hearing which has been scheduled on 8th of December. According to the legal experts, the verdict is not too far away in this case and it can go in the favour of either of the parties. It all depends on how strongly the defence lawyer argues on 8th.

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