Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny Story about Don Bradman

Don Bradman walks out to bat at the Melbourne Cricket Ground during his innings of 270 in the third test of the 1936/37 series against England.Image via WikipediaThis story comes from the 2-part ABC documentry about Don Bradman that was screened recently.

It was a game late in Don's career and he had just come into bat shortly before lunch. He was straight into form square driving 3 consecutive deliveries to the boundary.

The opposition keeper was playing his first first-class match and thought he'd take the p*ss out of Don, so he walked up to the great man and said "I guess that's the only shot you know how to play?" (obviously, the guy was a complete idiot).

Don just smiled and replied, "I'll show you a few more this afternoon if you'd like."

The next delivery was very quick and Don square drove, and it flew like a rocket to the boundary.

Don turned to the keeper and said, "Sorry, but I did say this afternoon."
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